About The Bible of Women's Hair Loss

The Bible for any woman living with hair loss. Emmy Nominated Soap-Opera Star Amy Gibson brings you a ground-breaking How-To guide that provides essential, practical, life-saving tips for living with hair loss and keeping your wig a secret in successful dating, sex and intimacy while building your confidence and self-esteem to live a fulfilling, active life as a vital woman. Amy Gibson is 'The Voice of Hair Loss,' Alopecia Spokesperson, Leading Personal Hair Loss Consultant and Innovative Wig Designer for women in the U.S. In Sex, Wigs and Whispers, Amy literally walks you through every stage of hair loss: from dealing with your emotions, to showing you all that she has taught her clients, including professional styling tips to help you keep your look authentic and feel gorgeous and complete in your own skin again. In a bold clear voice, she addresses sensitive areas that many women have either been too afraid to talk about or have had no one to ask such as:

"When is the right time to tell my partner about my hair loss?"
"How do I date with my wig on without my partner finding out?"
"How do I physically handle my wig so it doesn't come off during sex?"

After losing her hair at a young age due to alopecia, Amy Gibson has dedicated her life to helping women worldwide cope with hair loss. Amy's story becomes even deeper however, as she reveals her own personal issues which include abuse during her fragile childhood, date rape later in life and the many challenges she endured facing dramatic hair loss while starring as an Emmy-nominated lead actress on Daytime Soap Operas. She reveals the lengths she had to go to, to keep her secret from friends, lovers, cast mates and the Hollywood community. With poignancy and clarity, she takes you on her very personal Survival Story to show you that you too, can rise and overcome... You too, can go on to live a happy, healthy and spiritually rich and fulfilling life.

Praise For Sex, Wigs & Whispers

"I had no idea how alopecia could totally change a woman’s perception of life, the effect it could have on her self-esteem and how the intricacies of alopecia can overshadow the delicate balance in the dance of a developing intimacy. From her years of experiencing alopecia, through the practical advice Amy offers in Sex, Wigs & Whispers, she has once again broken new ground proving that with correct guidance and courage, real freedom can be achieved. Amy is a dynamo driven to find solutions. Not only does she think the glass is half full, she’ll find a way to fill it to the top! I’m blessed to know this lovely woman."

- Suzie Schuder, MD (Psychiatrist)

"If you have suffered hair loss of any kind, Amy Gibson is your go-to girl to restore your sense of self. Join Amy's community, read Amy's book and you'll be empowered emotionally, psychologically, spiritually and sexually too! Amy walks the walk... and she does it with Style!"

- Brenda Cooper, Emmy Award-winning Stylist and Color expert, CBS TV's The Nanny

"Sex, Wigs & Whispers is an exceptional gift for all women - those without hair and even those with hair. By sharing her own courageous journey and the lessons learned along the way, Amy Gibson will inspire you to connect fully with your own personal power and thrive, come what may!"

- Rev. Dr. Julie Moret, author of What’s Your What? How To Ignite Your Unique Brand of Inspiration On Demand

"Amy's book teaches you how to be your true self, be comfortable with the real you and how to stay on your own personal vision, no matter what anyone else says!"

- Dr. Nita Vallens, Psychotherapist, Hypnotherapist; Host, Inner Vision - KPFK 90.7 FM Los Angeles